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Deborah Slinkosky has been a resident of Islip Town for over 30 years, and resides in Holbrook with her husband Bill, where they raised their three sons, Michael, Matthew and William.

Deborah possesses a Master's Degree in Public Policy from Stony Brook University and a Bachelor's Degree in Business Management and Communications from Adelphi University.

She built a 22 year career in Banking and Finance and 10 years Suffolk County Government.

In 1997, she elected to place her career on hold in order to raise her three children and during that time became very active in community service. She served as a Council Delegate, a Sixth Grade Committee Chair, and an active PTA Member during her children's elementary years. She also volunteered and fundraised for numerous organizations, including the Police Athletic League, Sachem Youth Sports, Sachem Youth Advisory Group, the Sachem Touchdown Club, and the Catholic Youth Organization.

During that time, she also established CEMAC, a Civic Organization, which stood to preserve and protect our communities from over-aggressive airport activity. Her group continues to advocate a good neighbor policy with the airport, and continues to advocate for safety, environmental and quality of life concerns.

In 2005, she was elected to the Sachem Board of Education where she helped achieve the only 0% tax increase in two counties. As a Board Member she also helped create Sachem's first Legislative Committee, where she continued the fight for equitable state aid and unfunded mandate relief for our schools.

In 2007, she served as a Board Member for the Islip Town Youth Bureau, until 2015.

As Your Assemblywomen she will:

Continue to Fight for the Middle Class

Main Objectives:
* Protect Our Schools
* Repeal Teacher's Evaluation Moratorium
* Increase State Aid for Public Schools
* Good paying sustainable jobs
* Income Equality
* Common Sense Gun Reform
* Promote a Drug Free Long Island
* Protect Our Environment
* Ethics Reform
* Campaign Finance Reform
* Criminal Justice Reform


Strong Long Island

*Rebuild The Middle Class
*Middle Class TAX RELIEF
*Investment In Education
*Investment in Small Businesses
*Strengthen Union Membership
*Promote Infrastructure Projects
*Promote Healthcare, Medical Technology, Bio Tech Industries


Women's Rights

*Pro Choice Rights
*Safe / Harassment Free Work Place Environment
*Equal Pay for Equal Work
*Access to Quality Health Care
*Affordable Child Care
*Business Opportunities
*Family Paid Leave


Protect Our Schools

*Repeal Teachers Evaluation Moratorium
*Increase State Aid
*Stop School Violence
*Support High Quality Educational Standards
*Stop Unfunded Mandates
*Lock Box Foundation Aid
*Increase Staffing
*Smaller Class Sizes
*Free Two Year College Tuition
*Low Interest Rate College Loans


Forever True To Blue

*Police Lives Matter
*Public lives Matter
*Support common sense gun laws
*Support anti-drug efforts
*Provide funding to combat drug crime
*Promote highway safety
*Promote information sharing with other law enforcement agencies.


Human Rights Issu...

Support the Equality Act
Support Workplace Fairness
Support Equality of Rights and Protection Against Discrimination
Support anti-bulling and safe schools
Support Religious Freedom


Support Our Nurses

*Increase Staffing
*Provide a Safe and Secure workplace environment
*Abolish mandatory overtime
*Provide resources and equipment that will enhance medical care.
*Provide funding for continuing education



*Campaign Finance Reform
*Ethics Reform
*Criminal Justice Reform
*Election Reform
*Term Limits



*Fuel Cell advancement
*Bio Fuels
*Ban Fracking
*Denounce Off Shore Drilling